Mission Statement

TSCM recognizes that the most significant challenge we face today is the achievement of a sustainable earth. We believe we can reduce the environmental impact of our daily work through developing innovative and flexible solutions while retaining our quality and productivity.

Sweep Division

Our sweeper trucks utilize a dust suppression system and use additional bypass filters that remove particulate matter down to 10 microns.

Our backpack blowers are low noise; generate low emissions, which are required by several cities. Backpack blowers and personnel are certified annually.

Power sweepers are mounted on Toyota Tundra trucks, which are California Air Resources Board (CARB) Certified to meet and exceed all California emissions standards.

For 2011-2012, TSCM is moving towards acquiring power sweepers that utilize clean diesel or flex fuels to be mounted on truck bodies suitable to run on hybrid and/or flex fuels, such as hybrid electric and clean diesel. We are also looking at replacing the gas powered rear sweep engine with one that is powered by electricity.


Steam & Pressure Wash Division

Steam clean and pressure washing services are performed using biodegradable soap and water recovery at zero-discharge to the storm drains; recycling of waste water reduces water intake and consumption.

Using the TSCM waste water filtration system, oil and other solid waste products left over from the cleaning process are separated and placed in proper containers for transport and treatment by certified handlers.

Acquiring equipment that runs on clean diesel or propane fired steamers/washers while continuing to use biodegradable and other eco-friendly soap.

Custodial Services

TSCM custodians use biodegradable soap and eco-friendly chemicals.

Custodians collect and properly dispose of recyclable materials such as plastic/aluminum bottles and cans.


Implementation of paperless billing and other communications to reduce paper waste.

Option to convert the existing fleet is cost prohibitive. The current conversion technology reduces fuel economy and increases maintenance costs. TSCM continues to pursue state of the art technology in all divisions.