Steam Cleaning – Pressure Washing – Industrial Scrubbing

  • 3500 – 4000 PSI with 210 – 250 degrees of heat. Exterior cleaning: cement, brick, stone and asphalt. Removal includes: grease, graffiti, paint, oil, rust, and gum.
  • Scrubbing includes: complete cleaning with total removal of water and residue (Full compliance with all Federal, State and Local EPA standards.)

Cleaning with Environmental Sensitivity and Responsibility

  • All drains and easements are boomed and sand bagged to prevent run-off into the storm drains and sanitary sewer system. Water recovery is performed and all water is recycled using a series of filters. This water is reused and recycled until the cleaning process is completed.
  • The oil and other solid waste products of the cleaning process are separated and placed in proper containers for transport and treatment using the TSCM waster water filtration system. TSCM contracts with infinity environmental, a waste management hauler for the transportation and treatment of the material generated. The property owner is considered the generator and is provided with a uniform hazardous waste manifest by the hauler, if necessary, and the waste treatment facility will provide the property owner with a certificate of recycling and treatment.

Vacuum Sweeping

  • All Sweepers have noise and dust suspension systems. All late model trucks, equipped with curb broom and on board fresh air blowing. Echo backpack blowers conforming to current noise control specifications (ANSI B175.2)
  • Services available: parking lot and structure sweeping, roadways and construction cleanup.
  • Broom sweeping available upon request.

Custodial Maintenance

Expertly trained, uniformed staff with a supervisor at each site, including dayporters. Services available: debris removal, pressure washing, and general clean-up. Services conform to the client’s specifications and are developed for the client’s site plan.

Asphalt Overlays and Repairs, Slurry Seal, Striping and Curb Painting

Commercial, Industrial and Retail striping and curb painting services. Asphalt repair, petromat overlay and slurry seal services are available.  A.D.A. striping and layout modifications are available.