What is Dri-Kleen?

Dri-Kleen is a cost and time effective cosmetic fix that can be used to mask permanent oil stains.

How often should TSCM Dri-Kleen be applied?

TSCM Dri-Kleen should be applied whenever the concrete begins to lose the cleanliness achieved from prior application. Target stains should be treated as necessary. Application frequency will vary per site based on traffic and oil accumulation. An average fuel location is applied every 3 weeks and other structures like parking areas range from 3 to 6 months.

How much TSCM Dri-Kleen product should be applied per application?

TSCM Dri-Kleen coverage area can vary depending on the cement’s surface texture; rougher surfaces require more product. On average, 1 cup can cover 200 sq. ft. It is best to start with a smaller amount of product, applying additional product more frequently as needed. Continue sweeping to disburse adequately.

What preparations are needed before applying TSCM Dri-Kleen?

First, ensure that the cement surface is 100% dry. Next, clear away any debris and dispose of any trash. Remember, cone off the area to be treated and follow all safety procedures.

Do I have to block off the entire operation when applying TSCM Dri-Kleen?

No – only section off the work area necessary to ensure personnel safety. After the application, the area is ready for use. You can treat one section at a time, while leaving other areas open for business.

How do I know when I am done applying TSCM Dri-Kleen?

Application is complete when the product has been evenly spread out and no excess product remains. If excess product remains, continue sweeping product (even into new areas) until all product is dispersed.

What is the process for cleaning up deep oil stains?

1) For best results -use a stiff wire brush to remove heavy buildup.
2) Apply TSCM Dri-Kleen directly over the stained area.
3) If necessary, use the wire brush again to remove additional debris from the top layers and re-apply.

The application is creating a lot of dust, am I doing something wrong?

An excess amount of product during application could be the problem. Try applying the minimum amount of product required to treat a smaller area of concrete surface. TSCM Dri-Kleen should NOT be applied during extreme winds or gusty conditions.

Is TSCM Dri-Kleen better than pressure washing my location?

TSCM Dri-Kleen being a dry process is easier and friendlier to the environment, however, steam cleaning is necessary to remove gum, coffee and other stains that are not hydrocarbons in their composition; TSCM recommends a combination of both processes for a complete cleaning result.

Is it true that TSCM Dri-Kleen should be applied to new locations before opening?

Yes. TSCM Dri-Kleen high specific gravity works to fill the pores of the concrete. Applying product before opening creates a bio-organic culture that works even faster to consume future stains.

Is TSCM Dri-Kleen just cosmetic or does it really clean the cement?

Under certain conditions, an enzymatic reaction (observed turning the stain white) can immediately begin the degradation of hydrocarbon (oil stains) into harmless CO2. Over time, the microorganisms contained in TSCM Dri-Kleen work to create new enzymes that actually break down and eliminate hydrocarbons from the pores of the concrete.

How do I re-order TSCM Dri-Kleen?

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